Volunteer Opportunities

At the heart of Childhood Cancer Society’s mission are our internships, thoughtfully designed as a springboard for both personal and professional growth. Spanning a diverse range of pivotal fields, these four-month experiences provide a unique blend of real-world impact and academic enrichment, with the opportunity to earn course credit.

Interns who exhibit exceptional dedication and skill are given the esteemed opportunity to evolve into Volunteer Associates. This transition marks the beginning of an even more exciting chapter. As a Volunteer Associate, you become an integral part of the Adventure Ted Collaboration Network, an elite collective of professionals from a myriad of industries and disciplines.

The Adventure Ted Collaboration Network is more than a network; it’s a vibrant ecosystem of professionals committed to mutual support, growth, and innovation. Being part of this network means having access to a wide array of resources, mentorship opportunities, and the chance to collaborate with industry leaders and like-minded professionals. It’s a space where your contributions continue to fuel our mission, and your professional journey is amplified through a wealth of collaborative and developmental opportunities.

Volunteer opportunities are eligible for course credit.

Current opportunities include:

  • Animator Intern (Remote) – Apply Now
  • Communications Team Intern (Remote) – Apply Now
  • Graphic Design Intern (Remote) – Apply Now
  • Video Production Team Intern (Remote) – Apply Now
  • Web Development Team Intern (Remote) – Apply Now

Animator (Remote)


Join Our Dynamic Team: As an Animation Intern for Childhood Cancer Society, you’ll be a vital member of our nationwide team, bringing to life the animated adventures of our superhero teddy bear, Adventure Ted.

Craft Captivating Stories: Dive into the creation of The Adventure Ted Chronicles, a vibrant Instagram animated series that not only entertains but also raises awareness and supports our mission. Have a glimpse of Episode 1 here.

Leave a Legacy: The characters and episodes you help craft will inspire merchandise for our Childhood Cancer Society Shopify store. Envision the next iconic product that showcases your animation skills!

Stay Updated: Explore our websites Childhood Cancer Society & Adventure Ted World, and our Facebook Pages @ChildhoodCancerSociety & @AdventureTed.Official to immerse yourself in our cause.


Driven by Purpose: A genuine desire to create impactful animations and support a noble cause.

 Desired skills

Experienced: 2+ years in animation. Proficiency in software such as:

Unity, Powtoon, 3ds Max Design, Maya, Vyond, Adobe Animate, Blender, Cinema 4D

Bonus: Familiarity with Adobe Character Animator and motion capture software.

Community Focused: Professional animators seeking community service credit are especially welcomed!

Apply Now


Communications Team Intern (Remote)


Kickstart Your Career: Dive into the heart of the communications industry, collaborating with seasoned professionals in Public Relations and Talent Management. As a Communications Team Intern, you’ll engage directly with the Communications Director of Childhood Cancer Society over a transformative 4-month journey.

Lead National Campaigns: Work closely with a diversified team, creators, influencers, and supporters to spearhead a nationwide campaign, radiating hope, positivity, and the spirit of adventure. Get a glimpse of our impact by checking out this wish grant reveal with one of our collaborators, @charlotte.a.tucker

Consistent Collaborations: Participate in mandatory Zoom meetings twice a week to brainstorm and strategize. (Monday – 8:30PM-9:30PM EST & Thursday 7:30PM-8:30PM EST).

Real-world Experience: These sessions open doors to deep collaboration with Childhood Cancer Society leadership and a broader member network, enriching your professional expertise while uplifting our global outreach initiatives.


Understand Our Voice: Embrace the adventures of Adventure Ted, our superhero spokes-bear, pivotal to our communication strategies. Dive into our digital platforms to absorb our narrative:

Websites: Childhood Cancer Society & Adventure Ted World

Social Media: Instagram (CCS & Adventure Ted) & FB (CCS & Adventure Ted)

YouTube (@AdventureTed TV)

Adventure Ted’s Threefold Content:

Adventure Ted Chats: An engaging series where Tommy Head, our Founder/CEO, interviews luminaries

The Adventure Ted Chronicles: Dive into Ted’s animated escapades with Timmy and Ella

Adventure Ted Experiences: Immersive wish-granting episodes for pediatric cancer-afflicted families

Contribute Across Committees: Collaborate under the mentorship of CCS’s Communications Director on diverse projects spanning:

Social Media: Craft impactful post-language for various content categories and manage weekly posts.

Weekly Search Parties: Identify potential guest speakers and sponsors for Adventure Ted Chats.

Share to Care: Drive the campaign to bolster the viewership of Adventure Ted Chats episodes.

Weekly Research Party: Spearhead pre-interview analyses for confirmed guest speakers.

Desired Skills

Communication Maestro: Exceptional communication skills coupled with a zest for social media.

Strategist at Heart: Analytical proficiency and a passion for content creation.

Collaborative Spirit: Keen interest in synergizing with creators and influencers.

Experience Matters: Minimum 2 years in PR, adeptness in social media platforms, and a palpable drive to engage with content creators

Extra Brownie Points: If you’re driven to support a family battling childhood cancer. Our VIP Disney/Universal Enchanted Theme Park Vacation program truly transforms lives


Apply Now


Graphic Design Intern (Remote)


Collaborate closely with our Social Media Team, crafting vibrant content to bolster our communication efforts. Attend pivotal Brain Trust Meetings over Zoom, twice weekly, to shape our platform’s communication strategies. Play an integral role in the storytelling of “Adventure Ted Chronicles,” an Instagram comic series highlighting Adventure Ted’s superhero escapades. Each episode serves not just as entertainment, but as a fundraiser supporting our core missions. Dive into the first episode here. Explore the rich design history of our products at the Childhood Cancer Society Shopify store. As part of the design team, you’ll have the chance to envision new products and special holiday items.

Get a glimpse of our impact by checking out this wish grant reveal with one of our collaborators, @charlotte.a.tucker

Also, check our Adventure Ted Experiences video


A fiery passion for being part of a diverse team with a shared vision of making the world better. Motivation, flexibility, and unwavering work ethic. A deep-rooted love for charity work, fundraising, and social media. Previous internship experience in marketing or social media is a plus.

Desired Skills

Proficiency in design software like Affinity Designer, Adobe Illustrator CC, CorelDRAW, Gravit Designer, Inkscape, Sketch, and Xara Designer Pro X.

Having 2+ years of experience in graphic design and digital arts is a plus, especially expertise with Adobe Character Animator and motion capture animation.

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Video Production Team Intern (Remote)


Unmissable Opportunity:

Step into a transformative role with the Childhood Cancer Society (CCS) and be at the forefront of creating impactful narratives. As part of our esteemed Video Production Team, you’ll be under the mentorship of our Chief Media Officer, a seasoned professional with over a decade of production experience, including roles as a segment producer for CNBC’s ‘Closing Bell’ and as a field producer. This internship isn’t just about editing videos; it’s about telling the tales of hope, positivity, and resilience that define CCS.

Collaborate with a nationwide team, tapping into diverse perspectives and experiences. Produce and edit videos pivotal to our communication strategy, including content for our flagship podcast series, Adventure Ted Chats. This series features our Founder/CEO interviewing luminaries about their defining challenges and insights, drawing parallels with the adversities faced by our young beneficiaries. Attend bi-weekly Zoom meetings (Mondays & Thursdays, 8 PM-9 PM ET) to review and ideate. Facilitate communication between meetings through Discord.

Dive into our core initiatives: ChildhoodCancerSociety.org & AdventureTedWorld.com. Adventure Ted, our official spokes-bear, plays an integral role in our narratives and campaigns.

️ Podcast Production: As a core focus of the department, you’ll be deeply involved in our Adventure Ted Chats podcast, gaining hands-on experience and insight into podcast production and promotion. Check out the current Adventure Ted Chats playlist here


Craft evocative Wish Grant Reveal Videos from raw content. Weave compelling narratives from footage.

Did You Know? We curate world-class Disney/Universal Theme Park experiences as wishes. Discover the magic with wish grant reveal with one of our collaborators, @charlotte.a.tucker

Also, check our Adventure Ted Experiences video

 Desired skills

Our team is looking for individuals who are able to take raw footage and organize it into a concise heartfelt message.

Expertise in video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro, CyberLink PowerDirector 365, Pinnacle Studio, Final Cut Pro, etc.

Take a look at our AdventureTed TV channel on YouTube for some examples of our works.


Apply Now


Web Development Team (Remote)

  • Responsibilities

    Empower the Digital Realm: As a member of the Web Development Team, you’re more than just an intern – you’re a pillar of Childhood Cancer Society’s digital revolution. Over 4 months, align your coding prowess with our mission of hope, positivity, and adventure.

    Agile Meetings: Engage in our Brain Trust on Zoom every Monday & Thursday from 8:30-9:30PM EST to assess past endeavors and blueprint innovative projects.

    Cross-Functional Collaborations: Marry your technical finesse with the artistry of our Social Media Team, Graphic Design Team, Animation Team, and Video Production Team.

    Major tasks include: Website Management/Design.

    Strategic collaborations: Integrate external web links to maximize reach. Translating graphic visions into responsive designs.

    Refreshing content: articles, events, and notable partnerships. Overseeing the Childhood Cancer Society Shopify. Pioneering mobile apps (React Native, Flutter).

    Get Acquainted: Peruse our GitHub to grasp our digital evolution. Explore ChildhoodCancerSociety.org & AdventureTedWorld.com, and connect with us on Facebook (@ChildhoodCancerSociety & @AdventureTed.Official). Remember, Adventure Ted isn’t just a mascot – he’s our superhero ambassador.

    Get a glimpse of our impact by checking out this wish grant reveal with one of our collaborators, @charlotte.a.tucker

    Also, check our Adventure Ted Experiences video

  • Qualifications

    2+ years in software engineering or mobile app development.

    Passionate Coder: A relentless drive to leave a mark in the tech arena and an ardor for software solutions.

    Heart of Gold: A zeal to uplift a family facing pediatric cancer is admirable. Experience the magic of our VIP Disney/Universal Theme Park Vacation initiative.

  • Desired skills

    While not mandatory, familiarity with these technologies accelerates onboarding:

    Core: HTML/CSS/JS, React, NodeJS

    Bonus: React Native, NextJS, TailwindCSS, StrapiJS, DevOps insights.

Apply Now



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