About Us

Childhood Cancer Society (CCS) is a volunteer-run 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping families who are struggling with pediatric cancer. From financial support to providing gifts and wish grants, our efforts support these families to maintain a mindset that is conducive to healing.

We continue to help spread awareness and ultimately fulfill our mission through multiple initiatives, including our Beat Cancer Party Campaign, Adventure Ted Program, endless volunteering opportunities, and more!

“My life’s work is to touch the lives of as many people as possible and to show those who are struggling that some things cannot be quantified—the power of hope is one of those things.”

Tommy Head


Adventure Ted

Meet Adventure Ted, the superhero teddy bear with a heart as brave as his spirit is boundless. As the gallant leader of the Beat Cancer Party and the official spokes-bear of Childhood Cancer Society, Adventure Ted embodies the essence of hope, courage, and the unwavering will to overcome life’s greatest challenges.


How We Help

At Childhood Cancer Society, we understand that the battle against pediatric cancer extends beyond the hospital walls. We offer a lifeline of support, covering everything from medical expenses to wish grant experiences, ensuring that families have the breathing room they need to focus on what truly matters — healing and hope.


Volunteer Opportunities

Childhood Cancer Society offers enriching internships across vital fields like communications, graphic design, animation, video production, and software development. Dive into a four-month journey of growth and impact, where high-performing interns transition into Volunteer Associates, gaining exclusive access to the Adventure Ted Collaboration Network – a prestigious gateway to unparalleled professional opportunities.


Adventure Ted Program

The Adventure Ted Program is a dynamic fundraising and awareness platform integral to Childhood Cancer Society’s ability to fulfill its mission of helping families struggling with pediatric cancer financially and emotionally. This vibrant initiative weaves together dynamic campaigns like the Beat Cancer Party and Adventure Ted Challenge, transforming the support for families battling pediatric cancer into a tapestry of hope, strength, and captivating storytelling.


TeddyGram Program

Experience the warmth of gratitude and joy with the TeddyGram Program, a heartening initiative by Childhood Cancer Society. Join Adventure Ted, our superhero teddy bear mascot, in a journey of appreciation and support, as he delivers special messages and gifts to fundraisers, community members, and families facing pediatric cancer.


Adventure Ted Chats

Discover the power of resilience and wisdom with Adventure Ted Chats, a guest speaker series where remarkable individuals share their life-altering challenges and the profound insights gained along the journey. Join our Founder/CEO, Tommy, in authentic conversations that bridge the gap between adversity and aspiration, right here on Adventure Ted TV.


The Beat Cancer Party

Join Adventure Ted in this heart-driven movement by the Childhood Cancer Society, dedicated to offering financial and emotional support to families facing pediatric cancer. Help Adventure Ted on his mission to reach every child’s home, one goal at a time.


Adventure Ted Challenge 2024

Embark on the Adventure Ted Challenge 2024 and transform your compassion into a vibrant tapestry of support for families battling pediatric cancer. This is your moment to shine in a united quest, where every milestone reached unlocks not just hope, but also remarkable rewards. Seize this unique opportunity to earn exclusive prizes and forge connections with inspiring individuals in the Adventure Ted Collaboration Network. Are you ready to make an impact and be celebrated amidst a community of changemakers?


Become a Corporate Sponsor

Elevate your brand with heart and purpose by joining the Adventure Ted Sponsorship Program. Partner with the Childhood Cancer Society and become a beacon of hope in the lives of families battling pediatric cancer, while also strategically enhancing your brand’s visibility and impact.


Adventure Ted’s Exotic Car & Pool Party

We’re throwing a summer block party Down the Shore! On Saturday, August 5th, Cars & Caffe is partnering with our friends at the Childhood Cancer Society to celebrate Summer 2023 and …

Art to Heart Campaign
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Adventure Ted Scholars Program Application – Now Live!
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Holiday Wish Grant Fundrazr 2022 (Florida Budget)

Continuum Residents (& friends), Thanks to your incredible generosity, in May 2022, we raised $55,000 and were able to provide 11 Enchanted Theme Park Experiences for local South Florida families …

Holiday Wish Grant Fundrazr 2022 (National Budget)

Every $6,500 raised will COMPLETELY sponsor a pediatric cancer warrior family for an Enchanted Theme Park Experience. This includes the wish grant reveal, flights, food, lodging, tickets, gifts, and MORE! …