Welcome to the Childhood Cancer Society (CCS), a sanctuary of hope and a testament to the power of family support during challenging times. Our journey began through the eyes of a compassionate 7-year-old, Tommy Head, who understood deeply the significance of familial comfort while undergoing evaluations for childhood leukemia. This profound experience catalyzed the creation of CCS, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to empowering families touched by pediatric cancer.

Tommy’s personal health challenges led to a period of restricted physical activity, during which he discovered a passion for acting. His talents shone through in numerous commercials, print advertisements, and television roles, including appearances on ABC’s “One Life to Live,” culminating in his induction into the Screen Actors Guild (SAG). At the tender age of 12, Tommy channeled his earnings from acting into a heartfelt donation of video game consoles to the hospital that supported him, sparking joy and respite for many young patients.

Emboldened by his full recovery at age 15 and a renewed zest for life, Tommy transformed his gratitude into action by founding CCS. Our organization is volunteer-driven, channeling generosity and support to provide financial assistance and emotional encouragement to families navigating the journey of pediatric cancer.

In 2019, CCS introduced a beacon of courage and joy: Adventure Ted. As the superhero and official spokes-bear of our society, Adventure Ted embodies the resilience and compassion at the heart of our mission. He inspires both the young and the young-at-heart to rise above adversities and extend a helping hand to others in their own quests.

We extend an open invitation to any family seeking support to complete our Adventurer Application. For those wishing to join hands with our cause, The Adventurer Patreon welcomes you. This platform not only offers exclusive discounts at beloved stores but also serves as a hub for exclusive content and community initiatives, all contributing to the betterment of courageous children and their families.

Embark on a journey with us as we create a legacy of hope and discovery, transforming the fight against pediatric cancer into a shared adventure of courage and community.