Holiday Wish Grant Fundrazr 2022 (Florida Budget)

We Sent 11 Childhood Cancer Families On VIP Disney Experiences! Let’s send MORE!

Continuum Residents (& friends),

Thanks to your incredible generosity, in May 2022, we raised $55,000 and were able to provide 11 Enchanted Theme Park Experiences for local South Florida families battling pediatric cancer! Unfortunately, the waitlist has grown well beyond that with over 8 additional local cancer warrior families hoping to embark on an Enchanted Theme Park Experience for the holidays this year and dozens more hoping to do the same in 2023. 

Donations to this fundraiser will increase the Enchanted Theme Park budget in South Florida and will allow the Childhood Cancer Society, to provide wish grants to these local families who are desperately in need of this life changing theme park journey. Every $5,000 raised will sponsor a South Florida family on an all expenses paid Enchanted Theme Park Experience for a week!

The first few families that are funded by this campaign will be invited to The Patio at The Continuum on December 10th at 11AM. During brunch, the residents will surprise the cancer warrior families with Enchanted Theme Park vacations for the holidays!

If you are not available to attend the brunch, you can see your donations in action by following @AdventureTed.Official on Instagram. Any wish grant reveals for additional Enchanted Theme Park Experiences that are funded will be shared on our Instagram as well!

Families looking for support or to help provide support through the Adventure Ted Program can apply to become an Adventurer here!

To learn more, check out our campaign on Fundrazr.