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Sierra Prescott

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In this week’s episode of Adventure Ted Chats, we sit down with Sierra Prescott!

Join us in this captivating episode as we sit down with Sierra, a talented skateboarder and photographer whose passion for self-expression and individuality shines through her remarkable journey.

Sierra’s hopes to inspire her audience to embrace their unique selves by sharing her own experiences as a skateboarder and photographer. Through her lens, she captures the power of self-expression and creativity, encouraging others to follow their passions.

Sierra’s book, “Shredders: Girls Who Skate” Is a captivating book featuring inspiring stories from female skaters from all corners of the globe. It’s a celebration of diversity, showcasing their different backgrounds, ages, styles, and skills, all united by the love of skateboarding.

This candid conversation is part of our series that delves into pivotal moments in the lives of remarkable individuals, exploring the wisdom gained from those experiences and how they shaped their current paths.

Adventure Ted Chats is a guest speaker podcast series hosted by Tommy Head, the Founder/CEO of Childhood Cancer Society. 

Each episode features authentic conversations about challenges and pivotal moments, whether related to childhood cancer or the pursuit of a dream career.

This series is premiering for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in September 2023. Beginning this September, don’t forget to tune in every Monday for a guest speaker’s trailer and every Thursday to watch a new episode!

Adventure Ted TV brings you inspiring stories and conversations that empower and uplift. Subscribe to our channel for more meaningful content.

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