Tommy Head
Founder & CEO
Twitter: @Cancer_Champion

Thomas (Tommy) M. Head received his Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Marketing from NYU’s Stern School of Business in 2011. Tommy’s career roles are diverse and include entrepreneur, actor, writer, and philanthropist. In 2006 Tommy founded the Childhood Cancer Society, a nonprofit organization dedicated to directly helping families afflicted with childhood cancer.

Tommy’s vision for the Childhood Cancer Society (CCS) began when he was a 16-year-old high school student. Looking back on his experience of being evaluated for childhood leukemia, he realized that having family present during this ordeal was essential for him to cope.

The inspiration for the Childhood Cancer Society was not the only passion that came to Tommy in his youth. At nine years of age, he began participating in acting camps. At age 12, Tommy appeared in a play at William Patterson University and was shortly thereafter signed by an acting management company. His acting credits include numerous commercials and a role on ABC’s daytime soap opera One Life to Live.

It was Tommy’s love of acting that facilitated his career as a writer. Through his membership in the Screen Actors Guild, he participated in a volunteer program called Book Pals–adults reading to elementary school students. Tommy describes it as a great life experience and the catalyst for writing his book, Rudy Comes to Play on a Rainy Day. All proceeds from book sales are donated to Childhood Cancer Society.

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Zachary N. Ostrow
Development Director
Twitter: @ZacharyOstrow

Zachary Ostrow is a young professional in NYC working in both Advertising, since 2009, and in international relations, since 2013. He studied Advertising & Promotions at Pace and dual minored in Italian and Business Management. From an early age, Zachary fell in love with the nonprofit sector and throughout his life has been very engaged in helping others from all walks of life.

One of Zachary’s driving motivations is from Abraham Lincoln; “No man is so tall as when he stoops to help a child…”. It’s a line that has rung true for Zachary at a very young age and one of the many reasons that have led him to help with the Childhood Cancer Society, as well as the Shriners Hospital for Children, the Humanitarian Fund, the youth division of Rotary International, as many other brilliant organizations.

He hopes that his continued help with CCS can truly help the organization thrive.


John Lutchman
Director Of Nightlife Events (Volunteer)

“As a seven-year-old kid growing up in Brooklyn, John Lutchman (formally known as DJ Johnnybee) developed his love for music when he bought his first vinyl record. He saved every bit of change he had, igniting his passion further with each new upgrade to his musical playground. As he grew, his devotion to his craft continued to expand. Even at a young age he knew that what he wanted more than anything was to share his mastered technique with the world.

As a music producer & nightlife enthusiast, John uses his skills to organize Charity Rager Events (nightlife lists with exclusive offers at premier venues throughout NYC). All proceeds from the members on this list are donated by the venue to support families struggling with childhood cancer.


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