Childhood Cancer Society Improves Lives of Tri-State Pediatric Cancer Patients and Families During Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and All Year

NEW YORK, Sept. 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — The Childhood Cancer Society (CCS) is honoring Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, September, by reminding us how heartbreaking it is to see a child suffer with this illness rather than live a normal, healthy, active childhood. CCS also wants us to be aware of all the resources available to families enduring childhood cancer and how to get involved in providing support to families in the most difficult of times.

CCS of New York, NY has been making great strides in improving the quality of life and medical care for children with cancer and their families in the Tri-State area. “From a young age I have always felt a strong motivation to help people,” says Tom Head, founder and CEO of Child Cancer Society. “Having faced health challenges as a kid and almost being diagnosed with leukemia, I have a firsthand understanding of what it feels like to hear those words that could change your life forever. Children are diagnosed with cancer far too frequently. This illness is especially devastating when parents are unable to afford proper medical care or even the basic necessities. I decided to make it my goal, through CCS, to see that these children and their families receive proper care and are provided with accommodations to make their struggle with cancer at least a tolerable one.” The mission of CCS and Tom Head is to provide funds for medical care, accommodations, and travel expenses to make it possible for families in need to obtain the necessary care for their children.

Little things, too, like special events for kids with cancer and gifts to make them feel loved and cared for, make a big difference. CCS organizes special events and provides gifts to children with pediatric cancer to help put a smile on the face of each child as they fight for their lives. CCS believes that a positive outlook – which these expressions of caring can inspire – creates an optimal environment for the body to heal. Recipients of CCS support are recommended to CCS via hospital social workers, who keep an eye out for families that need it most.

“While we are currently assisting families in the Tri-State area, we aim to expand our impact across the country to those affected by childhood cancer and touch as many lives as possible with support, hope and healing,” adds Head.